Easy 100cm Aquarium

By: Stefan Hummel

This 100cm Aquarium is perfect for beginners. It uses a nutrient rich base layer topped with inert gravel. As for Hardscape, a very simple rock composition is used that everyone can replicate even with limited rock selection. The layout features Easy category plants that do not require any intense maintenance. In other words, it's a perfect community tank for everyone who is just starting out with this wonderful hobby.

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Step 1

Fill in the nutrient rich base layer and spread it on the bottom of your aquarium. Next, cover it with quartz gravel. You should aim for a layer of approximately 5cm in the front and a slope in the back reaching 10-12cm. A slope in the back will increase the sense of depth in your aquarium and allow easy planting of large background plants.

Step 2 Web

Step 2

When positioning the main stone, always choose an off-center position. This is called the "Rule of Thirds" or the "Golden Ratio". By following this rule, your aquarium will look more natural. The main stone is set and has been partially pushed into the gravel.


Step 3 Web

Step 3

Next, additional large and small stones are added to the composition. The goal here is to achieve a nice looking silhouette. You can see the strategic positioning of the larger stones off-center. Small stones are used to interconnect the large ones and balance out the composition. 

 Step 4 Web

Step 4

The foreground has been filled with gravel to keep it free of plants and allow for an undisturbed view of the majestic rocks. For a special look, Redmoor driftwood has been added on top of the rocks. When using Driftwood, always secure it with rocks to prevent it from floating up.

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Step 5

Micranthemum tweediei 'Montecarlo' has been planted sporadically around the rocks and a few portions have been plugged into small holes next to the driftwood. Hemianthus glomeratus was planted in the center behind the rocks.

 Step 6 Web

Step 6

Next Hygrophila corymbosa 'Kompakt' has been planted right behind the Micranthemum and will serve as a transition plant to the larger background plants. In addition a Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Braun' has found it's place on the right side between the stones. This way it will remain visible.

 Step 7 Web

Step 7

Alternanthera reineckii 'Red' will add a splash of color to the left background of this aquarium. Make use of accent plants carefully, as they draw the viewer's focus.

 Step 8 Web

Step 8

Echinodorus grisebachii 'Bleherae' has been planted on the very right side in the background and Echinodorus Jungle Star 'Little Bear' has been added close by towards the center.

Step 9 Web

Step 9

Cover the plants with paper towels, fill the tank with water, and you're done! Next, simply follow the maintenance routine from our Beginner Step by Step Guide and enjoy your underwater world.

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