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The design of an underwater landscape is a creative experience and everyone has their own design preferences. Some design criteria can automatically lead to a harmonious overall impression. Of course, the possibilities are influenced by many parameters, such as the dimensions of the aquarium and the aquarium's inhabitants.

Nevertheless, there are some basic tips for creating a magnificent plant world in a glass box. Because various plants grow differently, each aquarium will always be a unique piece of nature. There are no two aquariums that are absolutely alike. This is precisely what makes this fascinating hobby so special!

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News 22.03.2022

Tucano Bay

Concave-style layout with a beautiful cosmetic sand foreground by Jurijs Jutjajevs


News 19.01.2022


Step by Step beginner friendly Betta Fish nano aquascape by Jurijs Jutjajevs


News 25.01.2021

Little Wilderness

20-liter Nano Jungle-Style aquascape by Mark-Jan Fioole from Netherlands.


News 16.12.2020

Medium 120cm Aquarium

Step by step to a magnificent water world in a 120 cm aquarium


News 14.10.2020

Easy 100cm Aquarium

Step by step to a magnificent water world in a 100 cm aquarium