Plant production

in Germany

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Tropical climate in Southwest Germany 

Trained horticulturists and gardeners care for our cultures and help them grow and develop with vigour. The passion for fascinating aquarium plants is put into practice daily and is reflected in our high-quality products. 

Our production methods focus on the healthy and balanced nutrition of plants. When provided with this "nutrient store", the plants grow quickly and securely in the aquarium. They quickly grow new submerged leaves. 

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In plant culture, bog plants are basically always grown emersed. Everything grows and thrives above the waterline! In some plants, the difference between the emersed and the submersed form is significant. You might think these forms belong to two different plant species. The emersed form of many species is  green. They show their true colors only when cultivated under water, in an aquarium. Even the form of the leaves and the growth habit can change completely. Watching these changes take place is really exciting. You‘ll need a bit of patience, however. They do not go through a metamorphosis like a butterfly. The adaptation will take some time. 

Dennerle Plants is one of Europe‘s leading suppliers of aquarium plants. Some of the most common plants we produce are Echinodorus and Cryptocorynes, which we distribute throughout Europe. In addition,we produce more than 200 other species. Plants have been our great passion for over 50 years!


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Production from seeds

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Production from tissue culture

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Production of Plant Decor