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The younger history of Dennerle Plants GmbH started in December 2017, when the Dennerle plant business became part of the JPS aquatic group. Since this rebirth the development was characterized by different initiatives to reinvent and reorganize the company. 

A great team spirit, external support from the owners, needed investments and a positive attitude towards the future business were and still are the main booster, where we are today.

In 2018 Dennerle Plants started with an own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and got the direct dialog with customers worldwide. At the same time the new shipping area was implemented, which still one of the most modern ones in Europe. 

In 2019 Dennerle Plants began to modernize the technic in the greenhouses in Vinningen and closed this project in 2020 with new lights and curtains in our biggest greenhouse no. 5. (There is a total of 8!)

In the beginning of 2021 Dennerle Plants has finalized its own identity on the market with focus on plants with a new homepage and plant specific logo.  


In case you always wondered who founded the Dennerle company?

Read all about Ludwig Dennerle and his adventures here.

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