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Setting up and maintaining an aquarium in a living space provides the very special nature experience of creating a biotope to your own tastes.

However, the needs of animals and plants should always be met so that the ecosystem of this miniature world in the glass box functions properly so it can be enjoyed permanently. 

An aquarium fits into any living space 

Nano aquariums fit on almost every desk, on the countertop in the kitchen, or on the sideboard in the hallway.

In the living room, there is usually space for a larger aquarium and quite a few people are even proud owners of several miniature worlds in their work room or cellar. 

In the last 50 years, a lot of change has taken place in aquaristics.

Today, aquariums are mostly considered lifestyle products, as a decorative eye-catcher in the homey living room, or for the care and breeding of trendy animals such as shrimps and snails.



Modern aquascaping also inspires many young people and thus leads to a new, more intensive understanding of nature.   

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An aquarium provides relaxation 

When you look into an aquarium, you are magically attracted and fascinated by this strange world.

The harmonious, graceful movements of the animals and the various colors and shapes of the plants, create a deep inner calm and contentment.

For many enthusiastic aquarists, even the care of their aquarium (including the water change or the pruning of the plants) has a meditative effect.


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