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Life on our planet would not be possible without plants. 

The plants constantly clean the water and break down pollutants. They filter out superfluous nutrients and produce oxygen, which is vital for the animals living in the tank. 

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Therefore, healthy plants play a vital role in our balance concept. In ideal conditions, they will grow beautifully, just like in nature. Our well-balanced products for targeted fertilization and CO2 supply eliminate nutrient gaps and enhance photosynthesis, whilst never losing sight of the system as a whole.

With improved plant growth, more oxygen is produced, and unwanted algae are inhibited. At the same time, you can control the pH and create natural conditions for your fish. 

A lush green submersed paradise, with healthy, vividly colored fish: this is the ideal image of a well-functioning aquarium. In our philosophy, natural balance is based on healthy plants. 

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Like terrestrial plants, bog plants and aquatic plants fulfill an important function in their ecosystems. Of course, this also applies to the miniature ecosystem in an aquarium.

The plants growing in the water produce oxygen, without which, the animals in the aquarium could not survive. They also remove nutrients from the water that are added to the system when the animals in the tank are fed.

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Fast-growing plants are especially useful at absorbing phosphates and nitrates and prevent the algae from taking over. Moreover, the fish and invertebrates find hiding-places in the plants, and the plants also serve to mark territorial boundaries. 

Therefore plants are the key for a natural balance.



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