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In nature, plants are constantly supplied with nutrients by flowing water. In an aquarium, you have to consider the right nutrients and then add them regularly. 

Well-growing aquarium plants supply the necessary oxygen for the fish

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At Dennerle, everything revolves around a reproducible aquarium, so that an aquarium in balance is not too demanding but a lot of fun. Well-growing aquatic plants are indispensable for this purpose. 

Dennerle Liquid Range

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Aquarium in harmony

Based on the experience of our aquarium plant nursery and many excursions to natural sites around the world, Dennerle Plants  has developed different fertilizers. 

Depending on the types and amount of plants contained in the layout, there is always a proper plant care regimen for a powerful, lush growth. 

Some nutrients, such as phosphate or nitrate, are often present in excess due to the fish stock, others are quickly consumed or even missing completely.

Many micronutrients are insufficiently present in tap water and therefore must be added to the aquarium regularly. 






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