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Thanks to algae, planet Earth has an atmosphere. 

The subject of algae growth might be the most frequently discussed topic in the aquarium hobby..

.. and there's one thing for sure: algae and aquarium keepers will never be true friends. For many, our beautiful hobby can meet its untimely end before it has even taken off. In many cases, the culprit is an excess of algae that does not seem to let up. The bad news is: There is not one single aquarium that runs completely without algae! Algae are natural inhabitants of all the different water bodies of the Earth. Algae come into our aquaria and into our homes quite naturally. Many algae reproduce through spores that may be introduced via the tap water or even through the air.

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Algae play an important role in the aquarium, they stabilize the system and - just like higher plants - they keep the biological cycles running. And yet, algae carpets are not something the average aquarium keeper or aquascaper wants to see in their beautiful underwater landscapes.


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