Dennerle Plants

Our plant products are as diverse as our range of different plants. Most species are cultivated in a greenhouse above water, in black mesh pots. Special sizes in XL and XXL complete the potted range. In-Vitro plants are available in sterile circular cups. Loose plants are sold in portion trays. Plants on stones and wood, plant pads, loose tubers, floating plants  and bunched plants complete the product range.

Water is the origin of all life

Aquatic plants are the origin of our company

Aquarium plants are at the heart of our trade. They are not only an indicator of the water quality and a requirement for healthy fish, but also the key to functioning aquatic worlds. The diversity of suitable aquarium plants is virtually endless; however, the species-specific needs must be considered. The detailed plant descriptions and images will help you find the right plant for your aquarium.

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low maintenance plants

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demanding plants

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Difficult and rare plants,
for plant experts

Of course once again, there are new plants to discover such as the colorful stem plants Ludwigia senegalensis and Rotala sp. 'H'Ra'. In addition to many new attractive decorative articles, you will become acquainted with the Schismatoglottis plant.


Discover the world of Dennerle Plants:

Bild 2 Pflanzen Im Schwarzen Standard Topf Web

Potted Plants

Bild 3 Pflanzen Im XL Topf Web

XL & XXL Plants

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PLANTIT! In-Vitro Cups

Bild 6 Pflanzen Auf Stein Und Holz Web

Plant Decor

Bild 7 Pflanzenpads Web

Plant Pads

30065 Vesicularia Montagnei Fehlendes Bild Seite 94 Unten Web

Moss Portions

Bild 9 Schwimmpflanzen Web

Floating Plants

Bild 10 Knollenpflanzen Web


2 Web

Bunched Plants


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