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Children love water 

Water is extremely attractive and fascinating to children. Most of us have experienced this fascination first-hand. Playing with friends on the beach is wonderfully enjoyable and usually wet. In the pursuit of fun, we have all happily risked the consequences of chastisement from our mothers over muddy clothing.

For many children, the aquarium bug starts at home when their parents have a large aquarium in the living room. A visit to the zoo or a botanical garden is also sometimes the experience that sparks this new hobby. 

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Children often see an aquarium differently from adults. A good combination of taking responsibility for the living beings in the aquarium, its functionality and an individual design with decorative objects, make an aquarium a true experience of nature in a child‘s bedroom. 

Children love it colorful

Depending on the age of the children, colorful fish, shimmering gravel and colorful decorative figures are an absolute necessity. 

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The older the children are, the more their taste and interest in new aquarium inhabitants changes, and with it, their demands on the design. However, an aquarium in which the inhabitants feel comfortable, is a requirement that must always be met.

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Small aquarium - big impact. Aquariums for children should not be too large. 

Nano aquariums are ideal – they can hold a volume of 10 L to 60 L. Aquascaping aquariums, which come in 35, 55 and 70 L sizes, are also very well suited. The aquarium must be easy to manage and weekly care should not be considered a necessary evil. The fun factor always takes priority for children. 

Shrimps, crayfish, and snails can be kept in smaller aquariums. It is possible to keep an appropriate number of nano fish with a body length of 2-3 cm in the 30 L Cube. Platys and larger fish require a volume of at least 60 L for their well-being. 

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Through play, the new hobby will show your kids how an aquatic ecosystem works and how biology, chemistry, and physics are intertwined.

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Simple equipment that functions well, along with vigorous, undemanding plants and fish, guarantee a magnificent children‘s aquarium. Help from parents depends on the age of the children and should be used as an educational tool.

Not everything that children would like to have is possible, but children should still be able to develop their own taste. 

Craft ideas with drift and spider wood 

Both types of wood are commercially available and can be combined artfully. There are no limits to your imagination and everyone can "tinker" with them underwater.

The suitable underwater glue is available in various versions from specialist retailers. 

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