Riccardia chamedryfolia


Riccardia chamedryfolia – a liverwort - is one of the best-looking mosses. It has spread throughout tropical Asia, and we discovered it at a small waterfall on Sulawesi. Riccardia has an incredibly intricate structure. Firm, reef-like, deep green shoots can be easily attached to driftwood and rocks. This is an easy moss under moderate light; CO2 is not essential but does encourage healthy, vital growth. Riccardia’s small size makes it suitable for Nano Cubes.




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Plant profile

Genus: Riccardia
Species: chamedryfolia
Family: Aneuraceae
Origin: South East Asia
Light: medium – low
Temperature: 22-28°C
Growth rate: very slow
Area: Foreground
Height: up to 5 cm
pH: 5-8
Water hardness: very soft to hard
Co2: 0-20 mg/l
Propagation: division