Hydrocotyle tripartita


The species identification of this of this delicate species of water pennywort is not yet certain, hence the "cf." in its name. This plant does have some very interesting growth habits: under strong light it usually creeps across the substrate and even across other plants. Those tiny, clover-shaped leaves are certainly distinctive. It is not demanding in terms of water conditions, but strong light encourages this carpet-like growth. We advise occasionally removing any overgrowth with scissors or a knife.




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Plant profile

Genus: Hydrocotyle
Species: tripartita
Family: Apiaceae
Origin: Australia
Light: high - medium
Temperature: 18-28°C
Growth rate: fast
Area: Middleground
Height: up to 20 cm
pH: 5-8
Water hardness: soft to hard
Co2: 20-30 mg/l
Propagation: head cuttings, side shoots