Cryptocoryne parva


The central highlands of Sri Lanka are home to this green water trumpet. Its tiny stature, around 5-10 cm, makes it the smallest species in cultivation for aquarists. It grows in dense colonies along the banks of fast-flowing rivers. Cryptocoryne parva grows very slowly and is a somewhat demanding plant. Fairly strong light and CO2 supplementation are essential. This small water trumpet is highly recommended for Nano Cubes. Even the smallest 10 L cube provides enough space for this little gem.




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Plant profile

Genus: Cryptocoryne
Species: parva
Family: Araceae
Origin: Sri Lanka
Light: high - medium
Temperature: 22-28°C
Growth rate: very slow
Area: Foreground
Height: 5-10 cm
pH: 5-8
Water hardness: very soft to hard
Co2: 10-20 mg/l
Propagation: runners