Dennerle Plants Care

14. Feb 2023
By: Ingo Walther

Dennerle ALL

New Care product series from Dennerle Plants GmbH

As part of our mission to help more consumers to “Design a Living Home”, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new product series – CARE.

CARE – because we care of the well-being of aquatic plants and because we have used our extensive experience to develop a first range of products, helping the consumers to create a healthy aquatic environment for growing plants.

This step is also highly motivated from our deep cooperation with retailers in Europe and their longing for new conceptual approaches.

The CARE range is arranged with a logistic solution delivering directly from our facilities in Vinningen to any retailer address in Europe with very low requirements for volume. This enables retailers to buy more frequently and to avoid binding capital in a possible overstock.

We understand that introducing CARE as a DENNERLE PLANTS GmbH product series is partly in direct competition with DENNERLE GmbH’s product lines. Since the split of the company in these 2 legal entities with different owner’s, we have search for cooperative solutions with DENNERLE GmbH but with no success.

At DENNERLE PLANTS we strive strategically for our concept “Designing Living Homes” which we also introduced at Interzoo last year in May. We aim to hold this direction by introducing this first step of products in high quality and with great benefits for consumers.


Dennerle Plants Cups & Care Displays

The Care product range can be presented in our new developed self-service display in order to have the flexibility in where to space the product. 

The display matches the current display for cups and together they represent a great offer for consumers.

You can get more information by about terms of delivery and prices by contacting our Sales Team in Vinningen.

Learn more about our Dennerle Plants Care products.