Vallisneria nana


Vallisneria nana is new to the world of aquatics. The species name “nana” means „dwarf”. However, these plants only grow this way in their natural habitat in Australia. In our aquariums they can reach lengths of 30 to 70 cm. It makes this narrow-leaved variety more suitable as a background element. Very easy to cultivate and care for, but again it is important to keep runners in check. CO2 supplementation promotes additional growth in all Vallisnerias.




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Plant profile

Genus: Vallisneria
Species: nana
Family: Hydrocharitaceae
Origin: Australia
Light: high - medium
Temperature: 18-28°C
Growth rate: moderate
Area: Background
Height: up to 70 cm
pH: 6-9
Water hardness: soft to very hard
Co2: 0-20 mg/l
Propagation: runners