Ludwigia repens 'Rubin'


This color variation has been available for almost 10 years, and is one of the most attractive red-leaved aquarium plants. Generating such rich, red tones requires strong light and a good supply of CO2. Under these conditions the leaf pairs are very closely arranged on the stems and the plants appear very compact. A group of about 10 stems mixed with light green varieties is like a fireworks display under water!




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Plant profile

Genus: Ludwigia
Species: repens ´Rubin´
Family: Onagraceae
Origin: Cultivar
Light: high
Temperature: 22-28°C
Growth rate: moderate
Area: Background
Height: up to 50 cm
pH: 5-8
Water hardness: very soft to hard
Co2: 20-30 mg/l
Propagation: head cuttings, side shoots