Echinodorus 'Ozelot'


Another long-standing favourite is Echinodorus ‘Ocelot’. It has very obvious patches that are somewhat evocative of an ocelot’s coat. These plants grow very well and have lithe, elliptical leaves. New leaves shine in intense brown red to dark red. Over time the leaves turn a dark olive green and display the typical patch design. An attractive variety that grows up to 20-30 cm tall. This makes it a great addition to moderate-sized aquariums as well as large ones.




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Plant profile

Genus: Echinodorus
Species: ´Ocelot´
Family: Alismataceae
Origin: Cultivar
Light: high - medium
Temperature: 18-28°C
Growth rate: moderate
Area: Middleground
Height: 20-30 cm
pH: 5-8
Water hardness: soft to very hard
Co2: 20-30 mg/l
Propagation: adventitious plantlets on the pedicel