Ceratophyllum demersum


Hornwort is another world traveller that sets down roots in many types of water. We found gigantic colonies of this free-floating stem plant in a tributary of the rio Miranda at the edge of the Pantanal basin in South America. The stems grow at an astounding rate and require constant pruning. Ceratophyllum is known as a silver bullet against algae. And it’s easy to see why: the plant is greedy and quite simply removes the algae’s food source. We recommend using hornwort in every new setup.




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Plant profile

Genus: Ceratophyllum
Species: demersum
Family: Ceratophyllaceae
Origin: Cosmopolitan
Light: strong
Temperature: 1-28°C
Growth rate: very fast
Area: Background
Height: up to 120 cm
pH: 6-8
Water hardness: soft to very hard
Co2: 10-20 mg/l
Propagation: head cuttings, side shoots