Bucephalandra pygmaea 'Bukit Kelam'


Until recently, this very vigorous plant was known under the name ‘Wavy Leaf‘. Their botanical assignment to the species ‚pygmaea‘ was made through extensive investigation of this interesting genus. Its variety name refers to its place of origin in the Sintang region. Bucephalandra are rheophytes - that means they grow on rocks near streams and cascades. Therefore, they should be attached ideally to root wood or stones in the aquarium. Its elongated, dark green leaves have a beautifully wavy edge. Bucephalandra pygmaea ´Bukit Kelam´ is recommended particularly for Nano Cubes and Scaper’s Tanks.




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Plant profile

Genus: Bucephalandra
Species: pygmaea 'Bukit Kelam'
Family: Araceae
Origin: Borneo
Light: medium – low
Temperature: 20-28 °C
Growth rate: slow
Area: Foreground
Height: up to 8 cm
pH: 5-8
Water hardness: soft to moderate
Co2: 0-20 mg/l
Propagation: rhizome cuttings