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Jurijs Jutjajevs
Social Media and Content Manager

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Jurijs Jutjajevs

Jurijs has been designing aquariums since 2008 and has traveled the world, to master his aquascaping skills by working on projects such as the 40m Lisbon Aquarium with Takashi Amano. Jurijs is constantly sharing his knowledge via Social Media and in numerous workshops and demonstrations. Before joining the Dennerle Plants Marketing team, Juirjs has been a contributing author to the german magazines aquaristic, caridina and Aquaristik Fachmagazin. He also has been the host of the My-Fish and Scape-Fu podcasts for several years and has produced hundreds of podcast episodes. And in case his face is looking familiar to you, thats probably because you have seen him before on his own very succesfull YouTube channel.


Jurijs's favorite plant is: Riccardia chamedryfolia