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Birgit Heiser 
Sales, Customer Service

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Phone: +49 (0)6335 - 912 100
Fax: +49 (0)6335 - 912 220

Birgit Heiser

Birgit has been with Dennerle for over 30 years. The Palatine from Vinningen loves customer contact with a wide variety of characters on the phone. Her calm and level-headed manner has brought some “cocky” back to a reasonable level. The mother of two, and now also a grandmother, enjoys cultural life with her husband at concerts and theater performances. It's not only about plants at work - there are also many plants in Brigit’s house and garden. A particular passion is the rock garden with countless Sempervivum species.


Birgit's favorite plant is: Echinodorus Ozelot

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