By: Jurijs Jutjajevs

100x Plant Guide

To celebrate the launch of our Homepage and to reward you for subscribing to our Community Newsletter we decided to giveaway 100 copies of the Dennerle aquarium plants guide.

Dennerle Aquarium Plants Guide 2020/2021:

  • Information and inspiration for aquarium enthusiasts on 158 pages
  • With numerous new images of breathtaking planted Dennerle Nano Cubes and Scaper's Tanks
  • Useful tips for aquarium setup in Step by Step guides
  • Updated plant lexicon, including behind the scenes view in our plant-production in Vinningen

Must have for every avid aquarium hobbyist!


To participate in the giveaway do the following:

  1. Join our Community Newsletter and click the link in the confirmation E-Mail
  2. Stay up to date and continue receiving E-Mails from Dennerle Plants with valuable information and resources 


Every week we will select 2 winners and we will keep on until we have 100. This means the Giveaway is active all year 2021 and a little bit longer! 

Winners to be announced on our Social Media channels. In case you are one of the lucky winners, we will inform you individually by email. This means it’s worth staying subscribed for as long as possible. This way you will also be among the first ones to know about new plants and valuable resources released on our channels.

If you don’t want to receive exclusive updates any more, you have the option to unsubscribe at any time. You will find a link for this at the bottom of every E-Email we send you. The giveaway is limited to one entry per person, no payout possible. Free shipping included, you will have to provide your address when requested. Currently no pickup at Dennerle Plants facilities is possible.

By Submitting your Name and E-Mail below you confirm you understand and accept the above terms and you give us permission to process your data according to our Data Privacy Policy.



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