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Every aquarium is a complex biological system whose components are intertwined and influence each other. Creating a stable, natural balance between these components is the aim of every true aquarium enthusiast. The Dennerle Balance System helps you control each element easily and safely while achieving  a good balance. 

Since Dennerle‘s founding in 1966, we have been cultivating a holistic view of the aquarium ecosystem. We strive to reproduce the biological cycles that occur in nature, in the home aquarium. We have identified the following five vital elements that influence the biological system inside your tank: animals, water, light, substrate, and plants. This is the point from which our product development starts, resulting in a system of fine-tuned products, that help you create underwater worlds, which can be easily and safely maintained. This is all you need to achieve balance in your aquarium, and to enjoy a fascinating  piece of nature in your living room! 

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Create an easy to care for aquarium with the 5 elements from Dennerle:


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Fascinating and exciting to watch. Their food and Digestion affect the entire biosystem.

Keeping them healthy is the responsibility of every tank keeper. Food that complies with their natural needs and regulates their digestion, helps keep the biological pollution of the water down, while protecting the balance. 



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The key to natural balance. Oxygen producers, Pollutant filters and habitat designers

Plants are the most sensitive element. They indicate the water quality and are crucial for the health of the fish. If they are provided with optimal conditions, they will grow  beautiful and healthy, like in nature. This is what we work for!



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Habitat for healthy plants and lively animals. Provides them with vitamins and trace elements.

The ideal aquarium water can be created safely and easily. This is thanks to the help of carefully balanced products for water conditioning and maintenance. Biologically active ingredients create conditions that are plant and animal friendly, just like in nature. 



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Atmospheric and plant-active energy source. It helps leaves, plants, and animals shine splendidly and creates a magical atmosphere.

Flourescent tubes and LED systems with especially filtered light spectra enhance plant growth and prevent algal growth at the same time. You can individually control your lights and create unique effects. 



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Natural balance starts with the floor. This allows for creative design options and contributes to biological filtration.

Gravel, substrates, and soil provide a great choice of materials that offer endless design possibilities when creating your aquarium layout. Additionally, they provide the plants and aquarium inhabitants with ideal conditions, both short-term and over time.




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